We Install Kitchen Countertops in Shreveport, LA

We Install Kitchen Countertops in Shreveport, LA

Have your kitchen countertops seen better days? Are you looking for a convenient way to update the look of your kitchen? Let the experts at Louisiana Builders LLC handle your countertop installation. We'll take your cracked or scratched countertops and replace them with a brand-new, premium surface.

In addition to traditional marble and granite, we also install laminate and stained-concrete kitchen countertops. Call now to schedule your free, on-site consultation.

Should you hire a professional or take the do-it-yourself route?

You may think it's easy to install kitchen countertops yourself. However, the task may prove itself to be overwhelming. Here's why you should only hire a professional to handle your kitchen remodel:

  • Installing kitchen countertops requires proper skill and training
  • One wrong mistake could result in expensive repairs or replacements
  • Professionals have all the tools needed to handle your installation

All first-time customers qualify for a 10% discount on our services. To schedule your kitchen remodel, please call 318-455-2674.